Government Funding of Scientific Research




DR. RICHARD N. ZARE (Chairman), Professor, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University
DR. DIANA S. NATALICIO (Vice Chairman), President, The University of Texas at El Paso
DR. JOHN A. ARMSTRONG, IBM Vice President for Science & Technology (Retired)
DR. F. ALBERT COTTON, Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University
DR. MARY K. GAILLARD, Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley
DR. SANFORD D. GREENBERG, Chairman & CEO of TEI Industries, Inc., Washington, DC
DR. M.R.C. GREENWOOD, Chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz
DR. CHARLES E. HESS, Director of International Programs, University of California-Davis
DR. JOHN E. HOPCROFT, Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering, Cornell University
DR. STANLEY V. JASKOLSKI, Vice President, Eaton Corporation, Cleveland, OH
DR. EAMON M. KELLY, President, Tulane University
DR. JANE LUBCHENCO, Wayne and Gladys Valley Professor of Marine Biology and Distinguished Professor of Zoology, Oregon State University, Corvallis
DR. SHIRLEY M. MALCOM, Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs, American Association for the Advancement of Science
DR. EVE L. MENGER, Director, Characterization Science & Services, Corning Incorporated
DR. CLAUDIA I. MITCHELL-KERNAN, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Dean, Graduate Division, University of California, Los Angeles
DR. JAMES L. POWELL, President & Director, Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles
DR. FRANK H.T. RHODES, President Emeritus, Cornell University
DR. IAN M. ROSS, President-Emeritus, AT&T Bell Laboratories
DR. VERA RUBIN, Staff Member, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC
DR. ROBERT M. SOLOW, Institute Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BOB H. SUZUKI, President, California State Polytechnic University
DR. RICHARD TAPIA, Professor, Department of Computational & Applied Mathematics, Rice University
DR. WARREN M. WASHINGTON, Senior Scientist and Head, Climate Change Research Section, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
DR. JOHN A. WHITE, JR., Chancellor, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
DR. NEAL F. LANE, Member Ex Officio, Director, National Science Foundation*
DR. MARTA CEHELSKY, Executive Officer

*As a matter of general principle, the Director of the National Science Foundation abstains from clearance and approval of NSB reports on national research and education policy that may affect other agencies.

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