Conclusion Montage

Collage: Conclusion Montage

(1) GK-12 Map outlined in yellow (2) Robot Soccor dogs (3) Background Image: Photo of Aurora Australis, the Southern lights, over the National Science Foundation's station at the South Pole

Caption: (1) Map of the United States outlined in yellow. The legend shows that red triangles represent funding year (FY) 1999, blue diamonds represent FY 2001, yellow circles represent FY 2002, and green stars represent FY 2003. Seen here are what NSF calls our GK-12 sites across the country—a program that implicitly acknowledges that the best learning is not one-way. In this program to place graduate students in classrooms, the rivulets of learning flow in all directions, among the graduate student, the classroom teacher, the K-12 students, and everywhere in between.

(2) The robot dog teams of Manuela Veloso of Carnegie-Mellon University and her colleagues compete internationally in the sport. Lest it all look only like fun-and-games, Manuela points out that Nobel economist Herb Simon ranked robot soccer right at the top of robot achievement, because it creates the ultimate environment for research on communication, movement and learning. The dogs learn in two ways: offline, like athletes practicing skills, they learn which function they should apply in given conditions. But they also learn during a game.

(3) Aurora Australis -- the Southern lights, over the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. This image shows the atmospheric phenomenon over a wing of the new station that NSF is building. The new station, adjacent to the existing station, will replace the aluminum dome that has housed NSF's scientific facilities since the 1970's. The Amundsen-Scott station is one of three United States research stations on Antarctica. The National Science Foundation operates them all.

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