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Career Opportunity: Chief Evaluation Officer/EAC Section Head

November 18, 2021

The Section Head for Evaluation and Assessment Capability has leadership responsibility for the Evaluation and Assessment Capability (EAC) unit, located in the Office of Integrative Activities and serves as NSF’s Chief Evaluation Officer. EAC provides centralized technical support and resources to generate and use evidence for decision making; coordinates evaluation activities of the agency; and directly focuses on the Administration's call for rigorous program evaluation and the increased agency capacity for conducting independent evaluations. The unit is responsible for integrating program assessment/evaluation, policy analysis, and strategic decision making.

NSF is responsible for promoting and advancing scientific progress in the United States by sponsoring scientific and engineering research and by supporting selected programs and activities in science and engineering education. The Foundation currently awards grants and contracts to more than 2,000 colleges and universities, businesses, informal science organizations and other research institutions throughout the country and accounts for about 25 percent of Federal support for basic research going to academic institutions. Each year on average, the Foundation supports about 200,000 scientists, engineers, educators and students at universities, laboratories and field sites all over the United States and throughout the world. NSF supports all fields of fundamental science and engineering, except for medical sciences. In addition to funding research in the traditional academic areas, the agency also supports "high risk, high pay off" ideas, novel collaborations, and numerous projects that allow scientists, engineers, and students to work at the frontiers of knowledge, keeping the United States at the leading edge of discovery.

The incumbent serves as a senior official of the agency. The position has statutorily mandated responsibilities under the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, particularly with respect to Title I of the act, “Federal Evidence-Building Activities.” Title I sets forth requirements for agencies to plan to develop statistical evidence to support policymaking and for the Evaluation Officer to coordinate agency evidence- building activities.

As a national expert in evaluation, the incumbent will ensure that the unit has the capability to provide theoretical and analytic expertise for the assessment of policies and programs and provide oversight for independent investments in evaluation models and program evaluations that collect meaningful information to answer NSF evaluative questions about policies and programmatic investments.

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The U.S. National Science Foundation propels the nation forward by advancing fundamental research in all fields of science and engineering. NSF supports research and people by providing facilities, instruments and funding to support their ingenuity and sustain the U.S. as a global leader in research and innovation. With a fiscal year 2021 budget of $8.5 billion, NSF funds reach all 50 states through grants to nearly 2,000 colleges, universities and institutions. Each year, NSF receives more than 40,000 competitive proposals and makes about 11,000 new awards. Those awards include support for cooperative research with industry, Arctic and Antarctic research and operations, and U.S. participation in international scientific efforts.

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