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Researchers studied the correlations between symbiotic algae and stressed Northern Star coral.


Developing a taste for carbs wasn't necessarily a bad thing!

Glowing Pains!

Bioengineers create pH-sensing gut bacteria to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease.

Less is More!

Overdo much? Adding elements when working up new ideas or solutions is faster, but not always better

The Ties that Bind

Researchers have taken a key step toward developing new drugs and vaccines to combat COVID-19.

The Breakup

Antarctica's massive Thwaites Glacier is melting because of climate change.

Ware & Tare

A U.S. research team used dental checkups on Arctic foxes to learn what they eat and why.

Loopholes for Life

How birds breathe better.

Carbon Copy Studies

How much carbon can exist on a planet to sustain life?

Fire & Ice

The effects wildfires have on cloud formation and the intense storms that can develop from them.

Sounds Hum-mazing!

How hummingbirds hum.

New bandage could outsmart infections

A bandage to catch wound infections early enough to avoid drastic measures, such a amputation

Endangered species get help from an unexpected source - wolves!

Wolves reveal more about the spread of infectious diseases within social species

Economic value of insect pollinators in U.S. much higher than thought

Pollinators, such as bees, play an important role in agriculture, but are under threat

In your dreams! Researchers achieve two-way communication with dreaming people

Breakthrough may ultimately lead to innovative ways of learning and problem-solving

'Iron Man' bacteria could become economic and environmental heroes

Soil bacteria Geobacter stands up to toxic cobalt.

Not so fast! New model analyzes how viruses escape the immune system

New way to computationally look at viral escape helps identify possible targets for vaccines.

Desalination breakthrough could lead to cheaper water filtration

Scientists find an important key to making desalination more efficient

Tiny wireless device might help combat obesity

Device stimulates the endings of nerve responsible for regulating food intake

Stimulating research could be moving for people with spinal cord injuries

New treatment allows some people with spinal cord injury to regain hand and arm function

Smart hydrogel uses light to change shape and color

New engineering approach features camouflage that can be added to soft materials.

Study offers hope for coral reefs battling intense heat waves

Recovering from bleaching while still baking in hot waters is a game changer for corals

Researchers discover new way to deliver DNA-based therapies for diseases

New packaging lights up another way to deliver medicine and vaccines inside the body

Earable computing: A new research area in the making

Sure, your phone may be smart. But how about your earphones?

Wouldn't mind a cup of coffee. But is it worth all the effort?

Clear evidence that the brain's ventral striatum kicks in during decision-making.

Transferring data through your fingertip

A new technology would let your body act as the link between your card or smartphone and the reader.

A faster way to estimate uncertainty im AI-assisted decision-making could lead to safer outcomes

Researchers have developed a way for deep learning neural networks to crunch data.

How a common household cleaner could help fuel a transportation revolution

A new technique seamlessly converts ammonia to green hydrogen.

Earliest example of a rapid-fire tongue found in 'weird and wonderful' extinct amphibians

Fossils of bizarre, armored amphibians provide the oldest evidence of a slingshot-style tongue.

A wearable sensor to help ALS patients communicate

Researchers have designed a skin-like device to help ALS patients communicate.

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