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When they're mature, sunflowers stop tracking the sun and instead face solely eastward. August 4, 2016
Sunflowers move from east to west, and back, by the clock
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A Colorado Rocky Mountain forest during the winter-spring transition period, which is changing. August 3, 2016
Earlier snowmelt decreases streamflow, reduces forests' ability to regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide
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Corn fields in Iowa: Site of NSF's Intensively Managed Landscapes Critical Zone Observatory (CZO). July 25, 2016
What's good for crops not always good for the environment
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The diets of two-toed and three-toed arboreal sloths consist mostly of tree leaves. July 20, 2016
Putting the sloth in sloths: Arboreal lifestyle drives slow pace
A cold snap in the Florida sub-tropics affected mangrove and other ecosystems. July 12, 2016
The unexpected: Cold snaps in the sub-tropics, drought in rainforests featured at upcoming ecology conference
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TWIRL tornado project June 24, 2016
Atmospheric scientists boldly go into the heart of a tornado
A 25 million-year-old termite nest with the remains of a June 22, 2016
Researchers discover oldest evidence of 'farming' -- by insects
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a 25 million-year-old termite nest June 22, 2016
The world's oldest farmers
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Dr. Anthony Janetos June 15, 2016
Dr. Anthony Janetos to serve as the next Chair of NSFs Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education
Heat waves effects June 13, 2016
Future summers could be hotter than any on record
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Sampling coral reef June 8, 2016
World Oceans Day: Coral reefs falling victim to overfishing, pollution fueled by climate change
Russia's Lena Delta June 7, 2016
World Oceans Day: Deltas critical to food production, fisheries health, storm protection
Watch a video showing Axial Seamount in the Pacific Ocean, via the Ocean Observatories Initiative. June 6, 2016
World Oceans Day: Bring the seas into your home; exploration is one click away
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Lankin Dome, one of the research sites, from the south along the Sweetwater River in Wyoming. June 2, 2016
Supervolcanoes like Yellowstone may have been more active in the past
medal May 20, 2016
President Obama honors nation's leading scientists and innovators
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