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Genealogy of Life - News

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biology graphic April 19, 2013
Something's Fishy in the Tree of Life
News From the Field
biology graphic February 7, 2013
Largest-ever Study of Mammalian Ancestry Completed by Renowned Research Team
News From the Field
schematic of Cyanophora paradoxa February 20, 2012
The Origin of Photosynthesis Revealed
News From the Field
Mark Springer September 22, 2011
Researchers Greatly Improve Evolutionary Tree of Life for Mammals
News From the Field
specimens of Xyloplax May 2, 2011
Study: Rare Deep-sea Starfish Stuck in Juvenile Body Plan
News From the Field
a painting of a blue whale September 29, 2010
Researchers Find First Genetic Evidence for Loss of Teeth in the Common Ancestor of Baleen Whales
News From the Field
A reconstruction of the newly discovered Triassic, carnivorous dinosaur, Tawa hallae. December 10, 2009
Newly Discovered Dinosaur Illuminates Ancient Lineage
Press Release
baleen whale September 3, 2009
Molecular Decay of Enamel-specific Gene in Toothless Mammals Supports Theory of Evolution
News From the Field
Showing: 1-8 of 8