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David Caldwell tests the hardware used for stimulating and recording a patient's brain surface October 26, 2016
For the first time in humans, researchers use brain surface stimulation to provide 'touch' feedback
News From the Field
a landscape shot of a city and the ReNUWIt logo October 17, 2016
ReNUWIt: Changing the way we manage urban water
Science Nation
the new high-power switch October 3, 2016
New cost-effective silicon carbide high voltage switch created
News From the Field
image of an outlet in the grass July 29, 2016
A new leaf: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into fuel
News From the Field
Hao Zhang July 25, 2016
Enhancing molecular imaging with light
News From the Field
new semiconducting material, molybdenum disulfide July 18, 2016
Scientists glimpse inner workings of atomically thin transistors
News From the Field
a prototype of the HET wristband June 1, 2016
New devices, wearable system aim to predict, prevent asthma attacks
News From the Field
Students in a lab March 31, 2016
Nanoscale solutions to a very large problem
researchers test water in a kitchen while the resident is watching March 23, 2016
Flint water crisis: For young engineers, a lesson on the importance of listening
Illustration of water pipes March 22, 2016
Cleaner water, cleaner future: Engineering new water tech
Special Report
microneedle-array patch March 14, 2016
Scientists create painless patch of insulin-producing beta cells to control diabetes
News From the Field
Zengyi Shao and Jean-Philippe Tessonnier February 8, 2016
Iowa State engineers develop hybrid technology to create biorenewable nylon
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a random sequence of images of faces and houses January 28, 2016
Scientists decode brain signals nearly at speed of perception
News From the Field
smart lighting January 15, 2016
First smart lighting testbed installed in hospital inpatient setting
News From the Field
glass of milk and smartphone January 4, 2016
Far-out, early-stage tech at CES 2016 Eureka Park
Press Release
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