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OPP Office Advisory Committee


May 22-23, 2000 • Room 1235

Monday, May 22, 2000
Time Topic OAC Lead NSF/OPP Staff
8:30 Welcome, Introductions, and Approval of Minutes Mary Albert  
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9:00 OPP Director's Report (Budget, Issues)   Karl Erb
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9:30 Strategic Plan: Goals, Strategies, Initiative, Unmet Opportunities Mary Albert Maryellen Cameron
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10:00 Initiative: Biocomplexity in the Environment Stephanie Pfirman Margaret S. Leinen, GEO/OAD
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11:00 Discussion with NSF Deputy Director Mary Albert Joseph Bordogna
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Working Lunch

Presentation on Iceberg Calving by D. MacAyeal

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NSF-wide Initiatives

  • Workforce

  • Information Technology Research


John Priscu

John Carlstrom


John Hunt, EHR

George Strawn, CISE/OAD
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2:00-5:00 Long-range Planning Discussions    
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Current OPP Planning Issues

  • Arctic

  • Antarctic

  • USAP Logistics and Science Support

  • Instrumentation


Patricia Cochran

David Hofmann

Michael Prentice


Thomas Pyle

Dennis Peacock

Erick Chiang

Simon Stephenson
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3:00 Break    
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3:30 Unmet Opportunities: 5-year Investment Goals John Priscu
Ellen Mosely-Thompson
OPP Program Officers
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5:00 Adjourn    

Tuesday, May 23, 2000
Time Topic OAC Lead NSF/OPP Staff
8:30 Unmet Opportunities (continued) All  
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9:30 GPRA/COV Douglas MacAyeal Altie Metcalf
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10:30 Break    
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10:45 K-12 Education Mary Albert Fae Korsmo
Joyce Evans, EHR/ESIE
Wayne Sukow, EHR/ESIE
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11:30 Broadening Participation in Polar Science Jody Deming Maryellen Cameron
Karl Erb
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12:00 Lunch    
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1:00 Arctic Science Support: Safety Ellen Mosley-Thompson Simon Stephenson
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1:30 Polar Bibliographies Amanda Lynch Guy Guthridge
Charles Myers
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1:45 NOAA's Planned Polar Satellite System (tentative)    
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2:45 Other Business    
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3:00 Adjourn    

See Notice for this meeting.

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