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Committee of Visitors Letter to the Office Advisory Committee


October 8, 2001

Dr. Jody W. Deming
University of Washington
3935 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 981056613 206/543-4043

Dear Jody,

Please find attached the Report from the 2001 Committee of Visitors for the Polar Research Support Section. We have advanced a series of six recommendations we hope the Office Advisory Committee will consider. These major recommendations include:

  1. Streamline the Logistics Planning Process
  2. Take a Leadership Role in Implementing the Antarctic Environmental Protocol
  3. Upgrade Deep Field Science Infrastructure
  4. Create a Recurring Repair and Replacement Account
  5. Consolidate Aviation Contractor Management Functions
  6. Improve the Committee of Visitors Process

Our review identified one issue which we felt could not be adequately addressed within the framework of the COV but should be carefully considered by the Office Advisory Committee. This issue is the extended impact of the South Pole Reconstruction, now anticipated to limit the number of LC-130 missions dedicated to science through Fiscal Year 2006. The committee believed that the reduced number of missions combined with the lack of investment in deep field infrastructure is threatening the ability of  US science to compete in the international arena.  Our preliminary inquiries suggest that this is a complex topic however there might be some creative solutions.  This is a management issue which we felt the Office Advisory Committee must address.

Please contact me with any questions you might have on the report.

Sincerely yours,
Robin E. Bell
Chair, Committee of Visitors for the Polar Research Support Section
cc: K. Erb, A. Metcalf

P. O. Box 1000     61 Route 9W     Palisades, NY 10964-8000 USA
(845) 359-2900


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