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JOB OPENING: Program Director Opportunity at NSF: Magnetospheric Physics

November 17, 2017

We are looking for an experienced magnetosphere scientist with a flair for scientific leadership and an interest in community service, who is excited about the opportunity to work with us to maintain an excellent magnetospheric research program and shape the investment in magnetosphere science at NSF. In return, the position offers a unique chance to experience the inner workings of federal research programs and to influence the future development of Geospace science at NSF.

NSF Program Directors bear the primary responsibility for carrying out the Foundation’s overall mission to support innovative and merit-evaluated activities in fundamental research and education that contribute to the nation’s technological strength, security and welfare. To fulfill these responsibilities in the Geospace Section requires a broad understanding of the science needs and opportunities in the Geospace Sciences; a commitment to high standards; receptivity to a breadth of new ideas; and good judgment. In this process, you will get unique opportunities to influence, and help lead, the direction of research and infrastructure investments in Geospace sciences. In turn, the experiences this provides, and the knowledge gained in the process, will contribute to your professional development and to your understanding of best practices at NSF and the community it serves.

Appointment to this position may be on a career civil service appointment or rotator position. Rotator positions can be either Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment (IPA) or Visiting Scientist, Engineer, and Educator (VSEE) assignments. For more information regarding rotator assignments and eligibility, visit our website at . Applicants interested in the rotator position can find more information at Applicants interested in the career civil service position can find more information at

Initial consideration for applications will begin on December 29, 2017. Ideal start dates for applicants will be in February 2018.

For questions or further information please feel free to contact Michael Wiltberger ( or Search Committee Chair (

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