Capacity: Biological Field Stations and Marine Laboratories  (FSML) Crosscutting Programs

Name Dir/Div Name Dir/Div
Peter  H. McCartney BIO/DBI Kandace  Binkley


Submit to the Infrastructure Capacity for Biological solicitation (NSF 21-501).

The Biological Field Stations and Marine Laboratories Programmatic Area supports major improvements to biological field stations or laboratories in any terrestrial, marine, estuarine, or freshwater environment for research and education. Such field stations and laboratories play a critical role in: providing access to study areas and organisms; providing facilities and equipment close to study areas; and fostering an atmosphere of mutual scientific interest and collaboration in biological research and education. The scope of proposed infrastructure improvements in this programmatic area can include, but is not limited to: equipment, communications, data management, or physical plant improvement. Proposals should focus on well-defined and significant efforts rather than a compilation of small improvements. Projects are expected to produce quality products, have important science or education outcomes that will be achieved by the users of the resource, and have  the potential to be used by a community of researchers, educators, or students beyond a single research team.

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