Neural Systems

Name Email Phone Room
E. Floh  Thiels (703) 292-8167  E12334  
Evan  Balaban (703) 292-2689  E12338  
John  Godwin (703) 292-8421  E12300  
Sridhar  Raghavachari (703) 292-4845  E12328  


Solicitation  21-506

The Neural Systems Cluster supports mechanistic studies in neuroscience that span multiple levels of analysis ranging from the molecular and cellular to the complex behavioral aspects of organisms.  The Cluster encourages the use of comparative approaches, studies of organisms in their natural contexts, and the development of novel theoretical, computational, and transdisciplinary approaches to guide and instruct experimental design. 

Proposals should be submitted to one of the three programs below:  

The Organization Program (Program Code: 7712; Evan Balaban, (703) 292 2689, supports research on how the nervous system is organized along developmental, genetic, molecular, and cellular lines; explorations of developmental mechanisms; and how experiential/environmental interactions affect basic structural and functional characteristics of the nervous system.

The Activation Program (Program Code: 7713; Sridhar Raghavachari, (703) 292 4845, supports research focused on how signals from the external environment activate the nervous system, and how the nervous system integrates sensorimotor responses to trigger an action.

The Modulation Program (Program Code: 7714; Floh Thiels, (703) 292 8167,; John Godwin, (703) 292-8421,, supports research focused on mechanisms mediating organism-environment interactions, including, but not limited to, synaptic, circuit, and behavioral plasticity; social and emotional regulation of behaviors; neuroendocrine and neuroimmune function; biological rhythms and other complex functions.