ECCS Workshops

The Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems (ECCS) provides support for workshops that bring together the engineering research community and promote discussion of emerging research and education opportunities. A full list of ECCS-funded workshops is available through NSF award search.

Upcoming Workshops

Recent Workshops

July 22-26, 2019, Cincinnati, Ohio
32nd International Vacuum Nanoelectronics and 12th International Vacuum Electron Sources
NSF Award # 1901936
Investigators: Marc Cahay

July 7-12, 2019, Bellevue, Washington
13th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors
NSF Award # 1842925
Investigators: J. Ardie Butch Dillen

June 20-21, 2019, Tokyo, Japan
JST-NSF-RCN Joint International Workshop on Distributed Energy Management Systems
NSF Award # 1927994
Investigators: Zhihua Qu

April 19-20, 2019, Minneapolis, Minnesota
ECE Department Heads "Combating Climate Change: Can it also help the ECE Renaissance?"
NSF Award # 1915952
Investigators: Ned Mohan

March 7-8, 2019, Washington, DC
Emergent Technologies for Intelligent Networks of Sensors and Actuators
NSF Award # 1841238
Investigators: Linda Katehi, Gabriel Rebeiz, Zhi Ding, Xiaoguang Liu

March 7-8, 2019, Alexandria, Virginia
Workshop on Reconfigurable Sensor Systems Integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Data Harnessing to Enable Personalized Medicine
NSF Award # 1842348
Investigators: Michael Daniele, Veena Misra, Edgar Lobaton, Nirmish Shah

January 28-31, 2018, Abuja, Nigeria
Empowering Microgrids with Smart Grid Attributes: Developments in U.S. and Africa
NSF Award # 1829339
Investigators: James Momoh

January 14-15, 2019, Mumbai, India
NSF-JST -RCN-India Workshop on Power System Resiliency and Distributed Energy Management
NSF Award # 1843748
Investigators: Vijay Vittal

December 6-7, 2018, Alexandria, Virginia
NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NSE) 2018 Grantees Conference
NSF Award # 1842567
Investigators: Robert Westervelt

October 28-30, 2018, Washington, DC
2018 OSA Defects by Design: Quantum Nanophotonics in Emerging Materials Incubator
NSF Award # 1848902
Investigators: Michael Duncan

October 14-17, 2018, Portland, Oregon
IEEE Nano Materials & Devices Conference
NSF Award # 1836104
Investigators: James Morris, Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, Zhiqiang Chen, Marilyn Mackiewicz

October 11-12, 2018, Alexandria, Virginia
Workshop on Electronics, Photonics and Magnetics (EPM) - Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN)
NSF Award # 1851363
Investigators: Enrico Bellotti

October 7-9 2018, Washington, DC
Incubator Meeting on Metamaterial Films for In-Space Propulsion by Radiation Pressure
NSF Award # 1844332
Investigators: Michael Duncan

September 10-14, 2018, San Sebastian, Spain
US-EU 2D Workshop
NSF Award # 1839590
Investigators: Alan Seabaugh

August 17-18, 2018, College Park, Maryland
Workshop on Future Trends and Opportunities for Power Electronics in an Electrified Transportation Industry
NSF Award # 1838902
Investigators: Babak Fahimi

August 4-5, 2018, Portland, Oregon
Workshop on Real Time Data Analytics for Resilient Electric Grid
NSF Award # 1836329
Investigators: Anurag Srivastava

July 12-13, 2018, Ilsan, Korea
The 15th U.S.-Korea Forum on Nanotechnology: Nanomedicine focusing on Single Cell level and Internet of Things including Nanosensors
NSF Award # 1830529
Investigators: Myung Jhon, Elias Towe

June 24-27, 2018, Santa Barbara, California
76th Device Research Conference (DRC)
NSF Award # 1836790
Investigators: Siddharth Rajan, J. Ardie Butch Dillen

June 21-22, 2018, Boston, Massachusetts
Frontiers in Undersea Seafloor Science and Engineering Workshop: FUSE 2018
NSF Award # 1816244
Investigators: Hanumant Singh, Tommaso Melodia

June 18-19, 2018, Washington, DC
Second Trans-Atlantic Symposium on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) s
NSF Award # 1836572
Investigators: Anne Bowser, Tariq Samad

May 29 - June 1, 2018, Boston, Massachusetts
Conference: Compound Semiconductor Week Conference ISCS/IPRM
NSF Award # 1831482
Investigator: Tomas Palacios

April 28-29, 2018, East Lansing, Michigan
7th Midwest Workshop on Control and Game Theory
NSF Award # 1823684
Investigators: Vaibhav Srivastava, Xiaobo Tan

February 12-13, 2018, Alexandria, Virginia
NSF Workshop on Real-time Learning and Decision Making of Dynamical Systems
NSF Award # 1818201
Investigator: Le Xie

January 23-24, 2018, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Designed Quantum Materials Workshop
NSF Award # 1747578
Investigators: Joshua B. Ballard, Wiley P. Kirk, John N. Randall

December 1, 2017, Boston, Massachusetts
Symposium on Atomically Thin, Layered, and 2D Non-Carbon Materials and Systems
NSF Award # 1740467
Investigators: J. Ardie Butch Dillen, Swastik Kar

November 14-15, 2017, San Jose, California
Workshop on Intelligent Cognitive Assistants (ICA)
NSF Award # 1763224
Investigator: David Wallach

November 8-10, 2017, Santo Andre, Brazil
US-Brazil Workshop on Biosensors: Bioanalytics to Device Integration
NSF Award # 1745328
Investigators: Suchismita Guha, Bjorn Lussem

October 2-6, 2017, Troy, New York
Russia-Japan-USA-Europe Symposium on Fundamental & Applied Problems of Terahertz Devices & Technologies (RJUSE TeraTech-2017)
NSF Award # 1741755
Investigator: Michael Shur

September 11-12, 2017, Washington, D.C.
The 14th U.S.-Korea Forum on Nanotechnology: Internet of Things Including Nanosensors and Neuromorphic Computing
NSF Award # 1744340
Investigators: Myung S. Jhon, Elias Towe

August 22-23, 2017, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Valleytronic Materials, Applications, and Devices
NSF Award # 1745144
Investigator: Steven A. Vitale

June 11-14, 2017, Tokyo, Japan
JST-NSF-DFG-RCN Workshop on Data-driven Real-time Control for Distributed Energy Management
NSF Award # 1739146
Investigator: Sairaj V. Dhople

June 8, 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii
Recent Advances and Future Research Directions in RF Technologies from MHz to THz
NSF Award # 1737435
Investigator: Yuanxun Wang

May 14, 2017, San Jose, California
2017 EFRI ACQUIRE Grantees Meeting
NSF Award # 1725077
Investigators: Tom Hausken, Shayan Mookherjea

May 12-13, 2017, San Jose, California
Workshop on Scenarios for Brain-Inspired Cognitive Assistants
NSF Award # 1623251
Investigator: Jonathan Candelaria

May 11-12, 2017, Boston, Massachusetts
LIDS/IDSS Workshop on Smart URban Infrastructures
NSF Award # 1742069
Investigator: Asuman E. Ozdaglar

April 22-23, 2017, Ann Arbor, Michigan
The 6th Midwest Workshop on Control and Game Theory
NSF Award # 1738207
Investigator: Vijay G. Subramanian

April 12-13, 2017, Washington, D.C.
Workshop on Microsystems for Electroceuticals and Bioelectronic Medicine
NSF Award # 1738795
Investigator: Victor Zhirnov

January 4-7, 2017, Tucson, Arizona
Optics and Photonics Winter School and Workshop
NSF Award # 1649849
Investigator: Poul S. Jessen

November 3-4, 2016, Arlington, Virginia
NSF Workshop on Power Electronics
NSF Award # 1649290
Investigators: Mahshid Amirabadi, Bradley M. Lehman

October 22-23, 2016, Washington D.C.
Workshop: Engineering Research Communication 2020 - Data and Software Curation and the Relationship to Reproducible Research
NSF Award # 1641014
Investigator: John Baillieul

September 12-14, 2016, Arlington, Virginia
Workshop on Papertronics: Paper-based Electronics for the 21st Century
NSF Award # 1643036
Investigator: Aaron Mazzeo

July 27-28, 2016, Atlanta, Georgia
Technical Exchange Meeting on Semiconductor Platforms for Synthetic Biology and Hybrid Bioelectronic Systems
NSF Award # 1642181
Investigator: Hua Wang

July 16-17, 2016, Boston, Massachusetts
Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Applications to Power Grid
NSF Award # 1634919
Investigator: Siddharth Suryanarayanan

May 23-25, 2016, Heidelberg, Germany
DFG-JST-NSF-RCN Workshop on Distributed Energy Management
NSF Award # 1640535
Investigator: Anil Pahwa

May 12-13, 2016, Arlington, Virginia
Defining Broader Impact Activities for Research on Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems Grants
NSF Award # 1641369
Investigator: Zhi Tian

April 27-28, 2016, Arlington, Virginia
2016 NSF-AFOSR-ARO-DTRA Workshop on Reproducible Advanced Technologies for Next-Generation Nano/Quantum Devices
NSF Award # 1642431
Investigator: Enrico Bellotti

April 25-26, 2016, Arlington, Virginia
Workshop on Ultra-Wide Band Gap (UWBG) Semiconductors: Research Opportunities and Directions
NSF Award # 1641056
Investigator: Siddharth Rajan