Planning Grant Awards
Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research
Principal Investigator Institution Title Total Award Award Duration (yrs)
FY2003 Awards
Coughenour, Michael
Colorado State University FIBR: Planning a study of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Livestock & Wildlife Dominated Savannas of East Africa - Uniting Genomic, Molecular, Species and Ecosystem Approaches $49,921 1
Elhai, Jeffrey
Virginia Commonweatlth University FIBR: Planning the development of a model host system to study symbioses between plants and nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria $49,910 1
Fenster, Charles
University of Maryland, College Park FIBR: Planning- Integrative Sutdies of Mutation Biology $35,187 1
Pakrasi, Himadri
Washington University FIBR Planning: A Systems Approach to Study Redox Regulation of Functions of Photosynthetic Organisms $50,000 1
Feder, Martin
University of Chicago FIBR: Planning: Proteomic analysis of critical targets of environmental stress $49,982 1
FY2004 Awards
Kelly, Sandra
University of South Carolina FIBR Planning: Cortical Organization and Limits of Human Potential $49,676 1
Meyer, Judith
University of Georgia FIBR Planning: Microbiological Networks - Hydrologic, Biogeochemical, and Microbial Interactions within Linked Terrestrial-Aquatic Biological Systems $49,998 1
Paterson, Andrew
University of Georgia Planning Grant: Why are so many plants polyploid? $49,430 1
Taylor, Douglas
University of Virginia FIBR Planning: Genome Dynamics and Evolutionary Processes in a Dioecious System $49,680 1

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