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Research and Related Activities


   The FY 1999 Budget Request for the Research and Related Activities (R&RA) Appropriation is $2,846.80 million, an increase of $301.10 million, or 11.8% over the FY 1998 Current Plan of $2,545.70 million.

   The R&RA Appropriation supports activities that enable the United States to uphold world leadership in all aspects of science and engineering, by maintaining the overall health of science and engineering across all disciplines and providing leadership across the frontier of scientific and engineering research. Moreover, research activities support areas of inquiry that are critical for long-term U.S. economic strength and security.

   Research activities prompt new knowledge, ideas, tools and approaches that open new doors to understanding and solving problems and offer new paths for economic growth. The productive exchange of knowledge, information and technology can accelerate innovation, often yielding new insights into the underlying research. Researchers from many different disciplines often come together to find solutions to complex problems important to the nation. Moreover, as students work alongside senior staff performing research activities, there is a natural integration of research and education as students acquire the skills necessary to perform world class research to become members of the next generation's workforce of scientists and engineers.

(Millions of Dollars)
  FY 1997
FY 1998
FY 1999
Biological Sciences 324.27 370.82 417.82 47.00 12.7%
Computer & Information Science & Engineering 272.96 284.17 331.14 46.97 16.5%
Engineering 349.41 357.97 400.55 42.58 11.9%
Geosciences 444.33 455.11 507.31 52.20 11.5%
Mathematical & Physical Sciences 693.45 715.71 792.03 76.32 10.7%
Social Behavioral & Economic Sciences 122.61 130.66 150.26 19.60 15.0%
U.S. Polar Research Programs 161.63 165.93 182.36 16.43 9.9%
U.S. Antarctic Logistical Support Activities 62.20 62.60 62.60 0.00 0.0%
Critical Technologies Institute 2.67 2.73 2.73 0.00 0.0%
TOTAL, RESEARCH & RELATED ACTIVITIES $2,433.93 $2,545.70 $2,846.80 $301.10 11.8%

*In addition, in FY 1998 NSF was provided $23 million from the Internet domain name registration fees. For information on programs supported through the Research and Related Activities appropriation, refer to the activity tabs.

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