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DIAS Training, Tools and Resources

NSF's Oversign and Business Strategy

Welcome to the new NSF Division of Institution and Award Support (DIAS) Training, Tools, and Resources Page! This page was developed to assist awardee organizations meet compliance requirements related to federal assistance award management. The page includes links to tools that allow awardee organizations to independently self-assess compliance in the areas of participant support and sub-recipient risk assessment and monitoring. No data is collected in these tools and no "score" is assigned. Rather, the tools simply allow users to assess whether their practices, policies, and procedures are compliant and/or how they could be improved to help ensure compliance. There are also links to fact sheets and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide additional information for specific topic areas. The training tools and resources do not meant to replace guidance requirements issued by OMB or other federal agencies, and do not alleviate entities of the responsibility for proper adherence to all award terms and conditions.

DIAS strongly recommends that all awardee organizations develop and maintain written policies and procedures to describe in detail organizational practices including roles and responsibilities, citation of federal requirements, internal controls (e.g., segregation of duties), and timeframes for completion (when appropriate). Documenting controls and practices assists the organization in demonstrating compliance and promotes consistency in the event of staff turnover. If you have specific questions that are not covered by these tools or resources, please first consult the federal requirements and, if still unclear, contact NSF (grant/contract officer, program officer, or email either or for further assistance.






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