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Science The Endless Frontier

A Report to the President by Vannevar Bush, Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, July 1945

(United States Government Printing Office, Washington: 1945)


Letter of Transmittal
President Roosevelt's Letter
Science The Endless Frontier -- Quote from President Roosevelt
Summary of the Report
1. Introduction:
  Scientific Progress is Essential
Science is a Proper Concern of Government
Government Relations to Science - Past and Future
Freedom of Inquiry Must be Preserved
2. The War Against Disease:
  In War
In Peace
Unsolved Problems
Broad and Basic Studies Needed
Coordinated Attack on Special Problems
Action is Necessary
3. Science and the Public Welfare:
  Relation to National Security
Science and Jobs
The Importance of Basic Research
Centers of Basic Research
Research Within the Government
Industrial Research
International Exchange of Scientific Information
The Special Need for Federal Support
The Cost of a Program
4. Renewal of our Scientific Talent:
  Nature of the Problem
A Note of Warning
The Wartime Deficit
Improve the Quality
Remove the Barriers
The Generation in Uniform Must Not be Lost
A Program
5. A Problem of Scientific Reconversion:
  Effects of Mobilization of Science for War
Security Restrictions Should be Lifted Promptly
Need for Coordination
A Board to Control Release
Publication Should be Encouraged
6. The Means to the End:
  New Responsibilities for Government
The Mechanism
Five Fundamentals
Military Research
National Research Foundation
  I. Purposes
II. Members
III. Organizations
IV. Functions
V. Patent Policy
VI. Special Authority
VII. Budget
  Action by Congress

APPENDICES (Note: not available online.)

1. Committees Consulted
2. Report of the Medical Advisory Committee, Dr. W. W. Palmer, Chairman
3. Report of the Committee on Science and the Public Welfare, Dr. Isaiah Bowman, Chairman
4. Report of the Committee on Discovery and Development of Scientific Talent, Mr. Henry Allen Moe, Chairman
5. Report of the Committee on Publication of Scientific Information, Dr. Irvin Stewart, Chairman