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NSF Congressional Highlight

Congress Passes FY09 Omnibus Bill

March 10, 2009

On Tuesday, March 10, 2009, almost six months after the beginning of the fiscal year, the Senate approved the $410 billion omnibus appropriations bill for FY09, sending it to President Obama for his signature. The Senate approved the bill on a voice vote after voting 62-35 to cut off debate. The House passed the bill February 25, 2009 by a vote of 245-178, with 8 not voting.

The National Science Foundation received a total of $6.49 billion for FY09. Please see chart below for details.


FY08 Current Plan

FY09 Request

FY09 Final
Research and Related Activities1
Emer. Appro. P.L. 101-252
$5,593.99 $5,183.10
divider line
Education and Human Resources
Emer. Appro. P.L. 101-252
790.41 845.26
divider line
Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction 220.74 147.51 152.01
divider line
Agency Operations and Award Management 281.79 305.06 294.00
divider line
National Science Board 3.97 4.03 4.03
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Office of Inspector General 11.43 13.10 12.00
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Rescission required under
P.L. 110-1612
To compare, rescission and FY08 supp. not included
$ 6,094.50

$ 6,854.10 $ 6,490.40

+7% over FY08 CP

1 Funding for EPSCoR was transferred to the RRA appropriation in FY08. It was previously funded with the EHR appropriation. Use "Back" to return to text.

2 P.L. 110-161 requires the rescission of $33 million from prior year unobligated balances. Use "Back" to return to text.