Overview of NCSES Surveys

Survey Type of
Sample Size12
Earliest Year Most
Data Access
(see codes)
Business Research and Development and Innovation Survey (BRDIS) 1 Companies s 45,000 1953 5 2013
Early Career Doctorates Project (Forthcoming)
FFRDC Research and Development Survey FFRDCs c 41 FY 2001 2014
Higher Education Research and Development Survey (HERD) 1 Academic institutions c 895 FY 1972 8 2014
National Survey of College Graduates 2 Individual s 140,000 1993 6 2013
Nonprofit Research Activities Survey (Forthcoming) Establishment s 2,000 2017
Survey of Doctorate Recipients 2 Individual s 47,000 1973 2013
Survey of Earned Doctorates 1 Individual c 54,070 1957 7 2014
Survey of Federal Funds for Research and Development 11 Federal agencies c 28 FY 1952 2016
Survey of Federal Science and Engineering Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions 1 Federal agencies c 19 FY 1965 2014
Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering 1 Academic departments c 14,845 1975 2014
Survey of Microbusiness Innovation Science and Technology (Forthcoming)
Survey of Postdocs at Federally Funded Research and Development Centers FFRDCs c 39 2005 2013
Survey of Science and Engineering Research Facilities 2 Academic institutions 9 c 588 1986 2013
Survey of State Government Research and Development 4 State agencies c 500 FY 2006 10 2013

Format codes
c = Census.
DST = Detailed statistical tables, reports containing an extensive collection of tabular data.
DT = Data tables
IRIS = A historical database of tables containing all industrial R&D data from 1953 through 1998.
NPO = Non profit organization.
Public file = Public-use data files.
Restricted file = Restricted-use data files, license agreement required to access data.
s = Sample.
SESTAT = An integrated database containing information on the employment, educational and demographic characteristics of scientists and engineers in the United States.
WebCASPAR = An institution-based data system containing information on resources for science and engineering at U.S. academic institutions, numbers of degrees awarded, graduate student enrollment, and R&D funding.

1Conducted annually
2Conducted biennially
3Conducted biennially through 2010; estimates of recent college graduates after 2010 are based on the National Survey of College Graduates
4Conducted annually or biannually since 2006
5Survey of Industrial Research and Development 1953–2007
6Data collected in 1962, 1972, 1980s via Postcensal Manpower Survey and Professional, Technical and Scientific Manpower Survey are not directly comparable to data collected 1993 and later
7Limited data available for 1920–1956
8Survey of R&D Expenditures at Universities and Colleges 1972–2009
9Survey included biomedical institutions up through 2009
10Limited data available for 1964-1995; data prior to FY 2006 are not comparable to later data
11Conducted annually, includes 2 years of projected estimates
12If the survey is a sample, the values are approximate sample sizes. If the survey is a census, the values are actual population sizes

Note: Electronic availability of data varies by survey, and data are not usually available back to the earliest year.

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