Graduate Students and Postdoctorates
in Science and Engineering: Fall 1995

Supplemental Tables

These supplemental tables were not published in hard copy. Data presented in these tables supplement that published in the formal report.

To obtain accurate historical data, use only the latest tables for Fall 1995 and not data published earlier. Institutions revise prior-years' data when important changes occur in reporting practices and program classifications, and only the latest tables incorporate such changes.

By Table Series:

  1. A Series: current-year tables
  2. B Series: trend tables (multi-year)
  3. C Series: trend tables for doctorate-granting institutions
  4. D Series: trend tables for master's-granting institutions
  5. E Series: State/institution tables
  6. F Series: rankings of individual institutions

By Topic:

  1. Trends in Graduate Enrollment, 1975-95
  2. Enrollment (Full-time/Part-time)
  3. Source of Support
  4. Mechanism of Support
  5. Sex
  6. First Year
  7. Citizenship
  8. Racial/Ethnic Background
  9. Institutional Highest Degree Granted
  10. Type of Institutional Control
  11. Geographic Distribution
  12. Individual Institution Listings
  13. Postdoctoral Appointees and Other Nonfaculty Research Staff
  14. Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  15. Land-grant Institutions
  16. Medical Schools
  17. Students in the Sciences
  18. Students in Engineering
  19. Department Populations and Response Rates

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  • pdf file - Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
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