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Staff Directory

Office of Integrative Activities  (OD/OIA)

Phone: (703) 292-8040 | Fax: (703) 292-9040 | Room: 935 N | Website

Office Head
Suzanne C. Iacono 935.07 N siacono@nsf.gov
Deputy Office Head (Acting)
Joan M. Frye (703) 292-5046 935.01 S jfrye@nsf.gov
Section Head for EPSCoR
Denise M. Barnes (703) 292-5179 940 S dbarnes@nsf.gov
Section Head, Evaluation and Assessment Capability
Anand Desai (703) 292-2403 935.05 N adesai@nsf.gov
Staff Associate for Operations
Simona L. Gilbert (703) 292-7216 935 N sgilbert@nsf.gov
Management and Program Analyst
Yolanda Allen (703) 292-7759 940 S yallen@nsf.gov
Senior Advisor
Bernice T. Anderson (703) 292-5151 935 N banderso@nsf.gov
Senior Staff Associate
Dragana Brzakovic (703) 292-8040 935 N dbrzakov@nsf.gov
Information Technology Specialist
Steven Buhneing (703) 292-4474 935 N sbuhnein@nsf.gov
Science Resources Analyst
Joan S. Burrelli jburrell@nsf.gov
Program Director
Robert Coyne (703) 292-2257 940 N rcoyne@nsf.gov
Computer Scientist - Assistant Evaluator
Nicholas P. Daly (703) 292-7025 935.11 N ndaly@nsf.gov
Program Analyst
Victoria Y. Fung (703) 292-7560 935 N vfung@nsf.gov
Integrative Activities Assistant (SECY)
Joyce A. Grainger (703) 292-4481 I-935 jgrainge@nsf.gov
Program Manager
Sherrie M. B. Green (703) 292-5053 935 N sbgreen@nsf.gov
Program Analyst
Kimberly M. Kendrick-Albuquerque (703) 292-5035 935 S kalbuque@nsf.gov
Program Specialist
Shannon N. Jackson 940 S shajacks@nsf.gov
Program Director
Sean C. Kennan (703) 292-7575 940 S skennan@nsf.gov
Program Analyst
Erin (Liz) Lawrence (703) 292-8997 940 S elawrenc@nsf.gov
Senior Staff Associate
Stephen Meacham (703) 292-8040 935 N smeacham@nsf.gov
Program Director
Paul E. Morris (703) 292-4229 935 N pmorris@nsf.gov
Staff Associate
Leah Nichols (703) 292-2983 935 N lenichol@nsf.gov
Staff Associate
Randy L. Phelps 931 N rphelps@nsf.gov
Cynthia C. Phillips 935 S cphillip@nsf.gov
Program Analyst
Veronica S. Shelley (703) 292-4384 935 N vshelley@nsf.gov
Program Specialist
Patrick Southern (703) 292-7161 935-D psouther@nsf.gov
Senior Advisor
Kathryn Sullivan (703) 292-7375 935 N ksulliva@nsf.gov
Program Director
Timothy M. VanReken (703) 292-7378 916 tvanreke@nsf.gov
Program Director
Uma D. Venkateswaran (703) 292-7732 940 S uvenkate@nsf.gov
On Detail to OSTP
Wanda E. Ward (703) 292-8072 935 N weward@nsf.gov
Program Director
C. Susan Weiler 918. N sweiler@nsf.gov
Summer Student
Armani Paige (703) 292-5017 935.F N apaige@nsf.gov

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