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National Science Foundation

Changing the Conduct of Science in the Information Age

image cover Table of Contents (334 kb)
Executive Summary (227 kb)
   I. Introduction (280 kb
   II. Data Access (345 kb)
   III. Knowledge Access (291 kb)
   IV. Conclusions and Next Steps (231 kb)

Appendices (4.5 MB)

"Data-Enabled Science in the Mathematical and Physica Sciences: Workshop Reportl" Shenda Baker et al (2.5 MB)

"Briefing Document for Changing the Conduct of Science in the Information Age" Katy Börner (533 kb)

"The Objects of Science and Their Representation in eScience" Mike Conlon (387 kb)

"Digital Technology and the Conduct of Scientific Research" Peter Elias (630 kb)

"Riding the Wave: How Europe Can Gain from the Rising Tide of Scientific Data" European Union (4.7 MB)

"Identification and the Complex System of Research" James Evans (354 kb)

"White Paper for Changing the Conduct of Science in the Information Age" Martin Fenner (443 kb)

"Scientific Attribution Principles" Martin Fenner (531 kb)

"RatSWD Working Paper Series No. 150: Recommendations for Expanding the Research Infrastructure for the Social, Economic, and Behavioral Sciences" German Data Forum (4.0 MB)

"Open Access, Open Data, Open Science" Tony Hey (1.2 MB)

"How Do You Cite a Crowd?" Haym Hirsh (465 kb)

"Changing the Conduct of Science in the Information Age: Discussion Points" Patrick Lambe (391 kb)

"Changing the Conduct of Science in the Information Age: Focusing on Sharing Knowledge and Data" Gerhard Lauer (388 kb)

"Long-Lived Digital Data Collections: Enabling Research and Education in the 21st Century" National Science Board (859 kb)

"Harnessing the Power of Digital Data for Science and Society" Office of Science and Technology Policy (8.1 MB)

"IT-Based Approaches in Support of ERC's Mission to Support 'Frontier Research': First Experiences" Theodore Papazoglou (217 kb)

"Focusing on Social Constructs" Hans Pfeiffenberger (402 kb)

"Discussion Points for Session 3: Social Constructs; in Particular: Incentives" Henry Sauermann (368 kb)

"Data Access: Digital Technology and Scientific Communities" Bernard Schutz (2.8 MB)

"Changing the Conduct of Science: A Publisher's Perspective" Caitlin Trasande and Timo Hannay (396 kb)

"Data as an Enabler of Open Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities" Evelyne Viegas (469 kb)

Reference (238 kb)

pdf entire report Entire PDF Document (29.4 MB)

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