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National Science Foundation
Office of the Director (OD)
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Office of the Director
Office of the Director (OD)
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List of NSF Deputy Directors, 1950 - present

NSF Deputy Directors, Terms and Fields of Science

Deputy Director
Field of Science
Dr. C. E. SunderlinMay, 1951 -
May, 1957
Organic Chemistry
vacancy in position of Deputy Director from FY 1957 through FY 1962
Dr. John T. WilsonJuly, 1963 -
July, 1968
Dr. John T. Wilson
Executive Associate Director*
July, 1968 -
August, 1968
Dr. Louis Levin+
Executive Associate Director*
August, 1968 -
October, 1970
Dr. Raymond L. BisplinghoffOctober, 1970 -
September, 1974
Aeronautical Engineering
Dr. Lowell J. Paige
September, 1974-
June, 1975
Dr. Richard C. AtkinsonJune, 1975 -
May, 1977
Dr. Edward C. Creutz
August, 1976 -
September, 1977
Dr. George C. PimentelSeptember, 1977 -
June, 1980
Dr. Donald N. LangenbergJuly, 1980 -
December, 1982
Dr. Richard S. Nicholson
January, 1983 -
May, 1985
Dr. John H. MooreJune, 1985 -
December, 1989
Dr. John White
September, 1990 -
March, 1991
Industrial Engineering
Dr. Frederick M. BernthalMarch, 1990 -
April, 1993
Nuclear Chemistry/ 
Dr. Mary E. Clutter
April, 1993 -
October, 1993
Dr. Frederick M. Bernthal October, 1993 -
June, 1994
Nuclear Chemistry/ 
Dr. Mary E. Clutter
June, 1994 -
July, 1994
Dr. Anne C. PetersenJuly, 1994 -
September, 1996
Behavioral Science
Dr. Joseph Bordogna
September, 1996
to June, 1999
Dr. Joseph Bordogna June, 1999
to June, 2005
Dr. Kathie L. Olsen August 2005
to January 2009
Biology (neuroscience)
Dr. Cora B. Marrett
January 2009 to January 2011 Sociology

Dr. Cora B. Marrett

May 2011 to August 2014 Sociology

*P.L. 90-407 amended the NSF Act to permit NSF to have a deputy director and four assistant directors appointed by the President. Until these appointments were made, the duties of the deputy director were discharged by an executive associate director.

+By presidential order, Dr. Louis Levin also served as Acting Director from July 1,1969 to July 14, 1969 (until Dr. William McElroy's swearing-in on July 14, 1969).

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