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National Science Foundation
I-Corp - NSF Innovation Corps

I-Corps Node Attributes

I-Corps Nodes are designed to support regional needs for innovation education, infrastructure, and research. The Nodes will work cooperatively to build, utilize and sustain a national innovation ecosystem that further enhances the development of technologies, products and processes that benefit society. The interconnected nodes of this network may be diverse in research areas, resources, tools, programs, capabilities and in geographic locations, while the network will have the flexibility to grow or reconfigure as needs arise.

I-Corps Nodes will contribute to the innovation network in the following three ways:


Nodes will deliver an innovation-enhancing training program based on the curriculum used to support NSF I-Corps Teams. The training will be offered at least once a year to institutions' research/academic community across disciplines, and may include students, faculty, researchers and other local and regional stakeholders.


I-Corps Nodes will develop near-term tools and resources that will impact and expand the benefits of the entire I-Corps program within a 2- to 3-year timeframe. The Node infrastructure may improve innovation education, build innovation capacity, and accelerate the use of effective innovation practices.


I-Corps Nodes will identify and pursue longer-term research and development projects that advance the goals of the I-Corps program. Research topics include: 1) understanding how institutions can improve support for innovation ecosystems; 2) methods for successfully scaling practices and models that foster innovation; 3) exploring how the National Innovation Network can enable new collaborations among geographic regions to support commercialization--independent of geographic locations; 4) examining and tracking the I-Corps Teams' dynamics, activities and outcomes; and/or 5) improving the I-Corps curriculum materials, training practices and National Innovation Network utilization.

A full description of the NSF Innovation Corps Regional Nodes (I-Corps Nodes), I-Corps proposal instructions and other essential information are available in the I-Corps Nodes solicitation.

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