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News - Environmental Research & Education (ERE)

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dried trees in a forest of pinons in the U.S. Southwest. February 22, 2016
Increasing drought threatens almost all U.S. forests
Press Release
Scientists working with samples in a lab February 18, 2016
Seeking Zika: Where and when will Zika-carrying mosquitoes strike next?
Press Release
 sandhill cranes flying February 16, 2016
Scientists track nighttime bird migration using weather radar
An Aedes aegypti mosquito February 10, 2016
National Science Foundation issues call for Zika virus proposals
Press Release
Generic News Image February 9, 2016
NSF FY 2017 Budget Request
Fact Sheet
hills, plants and dry land in the southwestern U.S. February 4, 2016
Southwest sliding into a new normal: drier conditions
Press Release
White ibises flock February 3, 2016
Feeding birds in your local park? If they're white ibises in Florida, think twice
aerial view of NSF's Mo'orea Coral Reef Long-Term Ecological Research site February 2, 2016
NSF awards rapid response grants to study current El Nio, one of the strongest on record
Press Release
screenshot of website showing a snowflake and text let it snow the science of winter January 13, 2016
New NSF special report: Let It Snow! The Science of Winter
Press Release
Snow January 13, 2016
Let It Snow! The Science of Winter
Special Report
Researchers with equipment on mountain at NSF's Niwot Ridge LTER site. January 12, 2016
Colorado high peaks losing glaciers as climate warms
hands holding a pot with natural clay January 8, 2016
Scientists discover how blue and green clays kill bacteria
illustration showing plants and animals under snow January 5, 2016
Peering into the secret world of life beneath winter snows
Oceans send plumes of sea spray into the atmosphere as waves hit a rocky coast December 21, 2015
Scientists discover that salty sea spray affects clouds
Press Release
Ice on Lake Vortsjarv in Estonia December 16, 2015
Lakes around the world rapidly warming
Press Release
A black surfperch swimming in the vicinity of Santa Cruz Island. November 30, 2015
A fine kettle of fish?
The coast of Alaska and the Bering Glacier viewed from the ocean drillship JOIDES Resolution. November 23, 2015
Climate can grind down mountains faster than they can rebuild
Press Release
aquifer November 16, 2015
Study finds High Plains Aquifer peak use by state, overall usage decline
News From the Field
Salt marshes in Hatches Harbor, Mass. November 3, 2015
Grass-planting change boosts coastal wetland restoration success
school of Atlantic cod October 29, 2015
Warming waters contributed to the collapse of New England's cod fishery
Press Release
hoatzin bird in a tree October 28, 2015
How much did indigenous peoples alter the Amazon forest?
person sitting next to a lake formed in a flooded sinkhole October 20, 2015
Ancient fossils show effect of humans on Caribbean wildlife
dead trees in a forest October 19, 2015
Morticulture: Forests of the living dead
Nepal houses damaged by earthquake October 16, 2015
Will there be another quake in Nepal? Scientists present insights at upcoming conference
Media Advisory
artist rendition of a dinosaur with eggs and two babies October 13, 2015
Research sheds new light on 150-year-old dinosaur temperature debate
Press Release
aerial view of of river Amazon October 13, 2015
Opportunities for Promoting Understanding through Synthesis program awards $1.5 million in new grants
Press Release
A siphonophore glides through the sea. October 7, 2015
Clues to future of undersea exploration may reside inside a jellyfish-like creature
The HOLODEC instrument  on a C-130 aircraft. October 1, 2015
Scientists use holography to peer into clouds
Press Release
collage of images showing a forest, water and solar panels September 16, 2015
New, forward-thinking report addresses environmental research, education
Press Release
Field researcher in Alaska September 15, 2015
Life on Earth: National Science Foundation awards $23 million for studies of planet's biodiversity
Press Release
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