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image of smart threads September 19, 2016
These smart threads could save lives
Science Nation
image of mouse brain September 12, 2016
A global conversation to advance brain research Sept. 19
Media Advisory
University of Washington prototype optical device being a used by the dean of the UW Dental School. September 7, 2016
NSF invests $13 million in smart, human-centered service systems
CPS September 6, 2016
NSF awards $13 million toward research in cyber-physical systems
Press Release
Kavli Prize September 6, 2016
Seven NSF-funded researchers recognized with Kavli Prizes
Press Release
graphene's numerous unique properties September 1, 2016
Engineers use microwaves to produce high-quality graphene
News From the Field
electron spin top September 1, 2016
Making the switch, this time with an insulator
News From the Field
screenshot of the Brooklyn Atlantis interface August 25, 2016
Virtual peer pressure works just as well as the real thing
News From the Field
lobster and dye flume August 18, 2016
NSF funds new integrative approaches to study the brain
Press Release
Low-level flight test August 18, 2016
Turn your eyes to the skies for the latest explorers
circuit board August 15, 2016
NSF wants engineering researchers to bend rules (of classical physics)
Press Release
x-ray image of a human spine August 11, 2016
Needles that hit the right mark
News From the Field
doughnut-shaped microparticles August 11, 2016
Vortex rings may aid cell delivery, cell-free protein production
News From the Field
Charles Gersbach August 11, 2016
Directly reprogramming a cell's identity with gene editing
News From the Field
Fil Bartoli, ECCS division director August 10, 2016
Filbert Bartoli to lead NSF Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems
image of tsunami damage August 10, 2016
Study: Seawalls, coastal forests in Japan help reduce tsunami damage
News From the Field
Multi-component photonic integrated circuit August 8, 2016
NSF invests $12 million in quantum technologies for secure communication
Press Release
an electric field August 8, 2016
Toward practical quantum computers
News From the Field
Li Chen (left) and Michael Wong August 8, 2016
Rice University chemical engineers explore market for pure levoglucosan
News From the Field
electrospray thrusters August 8, 2016
Watch a tiny space rocket work
News From the Field
blood samples August 8, 2016
Discovery could help treatments for sickle cell disease
News From the Field
computer model of concrete’s inner matrix August 8, 2016
Nothing -- and something -- give concrete strength, toughness
News From the Field
Blue whirl fire tornado August 4, 2016
Newly discovered blue whirl fire tornado burns cleaner for reduced emissions
News From the Field
cluster of neurons and a single muscle fiber (red) August 3, 2016
New microfluidic chip replicates muscle-nerve connection
News From the Field
an iPhone with the battery going dead August 3, 2016
Next-generation anode to improve lithium-ion batteries
News From the Field
nanocarrier August 2, 2016
Penn researchers improve computer modeling for designing drug-delivery nanocarriers
News From the Field
amphorous August 2, 2016
Paving the way toward novel strong, conductive materials
News From the Field
sarcoma cancer cells August 2, 2016
Research reveals cancer pathway to spreading through the body
News From the Field
different crystalline structures August 1, 2016
Crystallization frustration predicts metallic glass formation
News From the Field
image of an outlet in the grass July 29, 2016
A new leaf: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into fuel
News From the Field
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