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Thermal Transport Processes - News

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silicon oxycarbide Kansas State University engineer builds paperlike battery electrode with glass-ceramic
Released March 31, 2016
News From the Field
a 3D schematic of a vapor bubble New research introduces 'pause button' for boiling
Released February 22, 2016
News From the Field
view inside the Ultra High Vacuum STM Heat radiates 10,000 times faster at the nanoscale
Released December 10, 2015
News From the Field
surface heating algorithm for water Novel algorithm simulates water evaporation at the nanoscale
Released October 13, 2015
News From the Field
circularly polarized light detector First circularly polarized light detector on a silicon chip
Released September 22, 2015
News From the Field
Chuan Hua-Chen Dancing droplets launch themselves from thin fibers
Released August 17, 2015
News From the Field
fire information graphic The shape of a perfect fire
Released June 8, 2015
News From the Field
acoustic phonon movement OSU researchers prove magnetism can control heat, sound
Released May 28, 2015
News From the Field
Jon Ihlefeld, left, and David Scrymgeour Phonons, arise!
Released April 22, 2015
News From the Field
artist's rendering of a phonon Landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound
Released March 23, 2015
News From the Field
graphene oxide Research aims to improve rechargeable batteries by focusing on graphene oxide paper
Released December 18, 2014
News From the Field
cross-sectional image of InP transistor Heat transfer sets the noise floor for ultrasensitive electronics
Released November 10, 2014
News From the Field
a Bi2212 wire shown in blue and green Titania-based material holds promise as new insulator for superconductors
Released September 4, 2014
News From the Field
a droplet of water beads up Professors' super waterproof surfaces cause water to bounce like a ball
Released May 21, 2014
News From the Field
photoacoustic test equipment Heat-conducting polymer cools hot electronic devices at 200 degrees C
Released March 30, 2014
News From the Field
Hui Hu examines ice on a test model Iowa State's icing wind tunnel blows cold and hard to study ice on wings, turbine blades
Released February 11, 2014
News From the Field
butterfly wings BU, MIT team of engineers add new wrinkles to waterproofing
Released November 21, 2013
News From the Field
a ridge in the wing of a morpho butterfly Researchers break a theoretical time barrier on bouncing droplets
Released November 20, 2013
News From the Field
engineering graphic New Insights Into How Materials Transfer Heat Could Lead to Improved Electronics
Released May 16, 2013
News From the Field
scanning droplets That's the Way the Droplets Adhere
Released February 19, 2013
News From the Field
a wafer containing graphene p-n junctions Self-assembled Monolayers Create P-N Junctions in Graphene Films
Released December 10, 2012
News From the Field
water on surface New Design Could Improve Condenser Performance
Released October 22, 2012
News From the Field
Deyu Li in the lab New Method for Enhancing Thermal Conductivity Could Cool Computer Chips, Lasers and Other Devices
Released December 14, 2011
News From the Field
color-enhanced image of a droplet of water Researchers Discover How to Tame Hammering Droplets
Released January 21, 2011
News From the Field
Joseph Heremans Semiconductor Could Turn Heat Into Computing Power
Released September 27, 2010
News From the Field
a one-atom thick sheet of graphene With Support, Graphene Still a Superior Thermal Conductor
Released April 8, 2010
News From the Field
cooling skin before scan Scanning for Skin Cancer: Infrared System Looks for Deadly Melanoma
Released February 26, 2010
News From the Field
Princeton REU student Claire Woo at work in the laboratory of Jay Benziger. Hydrogen-Powered Lawnmowers?
Released January 22, 2007
Press Release
A schematic representation of the miniaturization of the active building envelope (ABE) system. Self-Cooling Soda Bottles?
Released July 11, 2006
Press Release
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