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Mathematical Sciences (DMS) - News

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A neuron is turned on by light Capitol Hill briefing on mysteries of the brain: Frontiers in neuroscience
Released July 6, 2015
Media Advisory
Hubble-Spitzer mosaic of the galactic center New model of cosmic stickiness favors "Big Rip" demise of universe
Released June 30, 2015
News From the Field
image of pills Model could help counteract poisoning from popular painkiller
Released June 22, 2015
News From the Field
superdense teleportation photons Donuts, math and superdense teleportation of quantum information
Released May 28, 2015
News From the Field
bamboo WSU ecologist warns of bamboo fueling spread of hantavirus
Released May 7, 2015
News From the Field
William Newman Earthquakes expose limits of scientific predictions
Released May 7, 2015
biology graphic Researchers produce first atlas of airborne microbes across United States
Released April 20, 2015
News From the Field
Orly Alter, at computer, with researchers New method increases accuracy of ovarian cancer prognosis and diagnosis
Released April 15, 2015
News From the Field
Beth Jamieson UCLA research links HIV to age-accelerating cellular changes
Released April 3, 2015
News From the Field
a boat crew in the Mississippi River Levee detonations reduced 2011 flood risk on Mississippi River, UCI-led study finds
Released March 20, 2015
News From the Field
a boy getting a vaccine shot Urging HPV vaccine for boys could protect more people at same price
Released March 11, 2015
News From the Field
flooding of the Iowa River Predicting the extent of flash flooding
Released March 10, 2015
News From the Field
Salvatore Torquato Pennies reveal new insights on the nature of randomness
Released March 3, 2015
News From the Field
hexagons (background) and labyrinths Wrinkle predictions
Released February 2, 2015
News From the Field
Padhu Seshaiyer working with students on equations Mason's STEM accelerator's work is award-winning
Released January 20, 2015
News From the Field
illustration of a Coulomb glass Mathematical approach provides a new step in resolving the mystery of glass
Released January 16, 2015
News From the Field
a school of fish They see flow signals: Researchers identify nature of fish's 'sixth sense'
Released January 12, 2015
News From the Field
Terence Tao Mathematician tries to solve wave equations
Released January 12, 2015
spatial patterns of temperature anomalies Temperature anomalies are warming faster than Earth's average
Released December 9, 2014
News From the Field
globe map showing models of orbiting satellites in the thermosphere Confronting models with observations
Released November 7, 2014
simulation of a slow, rippling wave How important is long-distance travel in the spread of epidemics?
Released November 4, 2014
News From the Field
Shasta Lake in Northern California Causes of California drought linked to climate change
Released September 30, 2014
News From the Field
map showing two air masses meet and create a front Adding uncertainty to improve mathematical models
Released September 29, 2014
News From the Field
a computer simulation of a racial makeup Could suburban sprawl be good for segregation?
Released September 23, 2014
News From the Field
Avner Friedman Math model designed to replace invasive kidney biopsy for lupus patients
Released September 17, 2014
News From the Field
Illustration of a minimal surface from a mathematical optimization problem. 2014-2015 NSF distinguished lectures in mathematical and physical sciences
Released September 15, 2014
Media Advisory
single-celled organism Oxytricha trifallax In one of nature's innovations, a single cell smashes and rebuilds its own genome
Released September 8, 2014
News From the Field
Student standing at poster and talking to 3 other people NSF funds pilot project aimed at increasing the number of American Indians and Alaska Natives faculty members
Released August 18, 2014
Press Release
Front of the Fields Medal Best in their 'Field'
Released August 14, 2014
Press Release
a tractor in a raspberry field Strawberry fields forever -- with some help from mathematicians!
Released July 14, 2014
Science Nation
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