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National Science Foundation Environmental Research & Education (ERE)
Environmental Research and Education (ERE)
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ERE Home
BE Researcher Meeting, September 2003
Members of the ERE Working Group

Members of the NSF Working Group on Environmental Research and Education

Timothy L. Killeen, NSF Coordinator for Environmental Research and Education and Assistant Director for Geosciences

Vacant, Chair

Morris Aizeman, MPS
Thomas J. Baerwald, SBE
David B. Campbell, EHR
Cheryl L. Dybas, OLPA Liaison
Bruce K. Hamilton, ENG
Tyler Higgins, BFA
Melissa J. Lane, GEO
Enriqueta Barrera, GEO
Roberta Marinelli, OPP
Myra Mcauliffe, OISE
Stephen Meacham, OCI
Joann P. Roskoski, BIO
Sylvia Spengler, CISE
Alan J. Tessier, BIO

ERE Staff

Mary Mosley, GEO



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