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Chemistry (CHE) Discoveries

NSF's public investment in science, engineering, education and technology helps to create knowledge and sustain prosperity. Read here about the Internet, microbursts, Web browsers, extrasolar planets, and more... a panoply of discoveries and innovations that began with NSF support.

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Photo of hands holding conjugated polymers that change color and intensity when excited by light. The Choreography of Dancing Molecules
Photochemist Elizabeth Harbron and her students investigate the properties of conjugated polymers that can be activated by light
Released  August 5, 2008
Computer image of the CB[7] Ferrocene molecular container. Chemist 'Really Jazzed' About Creating New Molecules
Lyle Isaacs talks about cool things that chemists do, such as his work to build new molecular containers that are as good as what is found in nature
Released  July 18, 2008
2007 In Review 2007: Year in Review
A look back at some of the NSF-supported advances and activities reported last year
Released  January 30, 2008
A starburst of wrinkles form in a thin film material when a drop of water is placed on the film. A New Wrinkle in Thin Film Science
Simple, inexpensive way to measure material properties could impact cosmetics, coating and nanoelectronic industries
Released  August 3, 2007
"NanoBucky" is a 3-D nanoscale model made from tiny, carbon nanofiber "hairs." Getting a Feel for the Nano World
New models help introduce the blind to careers in nanoscale science and engineering
Released  March 27, 2007
A new type of glass may one day be used to deliver medicines inside the body. Melts in Your Body, Not in Your Hand
Super-stable glass may aid drug delivery through the body
Released  December 7, 2006
Researchers are using vitamin C (background) to craft certain plastics more efficiently. Vitamin C and Water Not Just Healthy for People -- Healthy for Plastics, too
New manufacturing techniques may lead to cheaper, "greener" plastics
Released  October 23, 2006
Scientists have developed a microfluidic system that successfully models blood clotting. Novel Laboratory Model Reveals Clues to How Blood Starts Clotting
Approach has potential to reveal mechanisms behind variety of reactions within the body
Released  October 17, 2006
Each rotating cyanide molecule throws back the surrounding water molecules. Frictionless Motion Observed in Water
Discovery could have fundamental implications for chemistry
Released  April 7, 2006
Students from across the Middle East grapple with a chemistry problem at the Petra workshop. Bonding in the Middle East
Nobel chemist helps young scientists across the region strengthen ties, work together
Released  April 6, 2006
The Purdue miniature mass spectrometer can easily be carried with one hand. Small, Ultra-fast and Ultra-versatile Scanner Takes Chemical Analysis to the Field
Surgical aid, medical diagnostic and bomb sniffer may be all in a day's work for this little machine
Released  March 16, 2006
Culture of white fungus Fantastic Fungus: Plant Biologist Discovers Natural Antimicrobial in Honduran Jungle
Montana State University professor Gary Strobel travels the world in search of exotic plants and the mysterious fungi that live inside them. Among his discoveries: a smelly white fungus that acts as a natural antimicrobial.
Released  October 5, 2005
Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Univeristy produced a sample of the modified collagen. Modified Collagen Could Be a Boon for Medicine
Altered protein could help shape the growth of engineered tissue
Released  September 20, 2005
FAST-ACT crystals Nano-engineered Powders Tackle Toxic Chemicals
Thirsty grains act fast to clean up messes
Released  April 28, 2005
A bubble grows and collapses due to ultrasound A Bubble Full of Sunshine
Temperatures inside bursting bubbles can be four times hotter than the Sun
Released  March 3, 2005
Sampling the Atacama Of Microbes and Mars
Desert microbe discovery has extraterrestrial implications
Released  December 17, 2004
Eleutherobia species of coral Finding Cures from Corals
A chemical that protects a rare type of marine coral from predators may also prove to be a potent medicine for humans in the fight against cancer.
Released  July 18, 2003

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