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National Science Foundation

REU Sites

REU Sites: Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences

APPLICATIONS: Students must contact the individual sites for application information and materials. NSF does not have application materials and does not select student participants.

ELIGIBILITY: Individual sites may have specific eligibility requirements (e.g., number of undergraduate years completed) for applicants in addition to those described here. Undergraduate student participants supported with NSF funds must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions. High school graduates who have not yet enrolled and students who have already received their bachelor's degrees generally are not eligible.

Click on the name of the Site in the "Site Information" column to go to the homepage (if available) for that Site.

Sites are ordered alphabetically by host institution's state.

Please report errors in the list below by writing to reu.sbe@nsf.gov.

19 items found, displaying all items.
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: Karen Schollmeyer
(520) 882-6946
Research Topics/Keywords: anthropology, archaeology
Abstract of Award
Worcester, Massachusetts
Primary: John Rogan
Research Topics/Keywords: Geography, Human-Environment Interactions, Urban Planning, Remote Sensing, Species Distribution Modeling, GIS/Spatial Statistics
Abstract of Award
Waterville, Maine
Primary: Travis Reynolds
Secondary: Margaret Lowman
Research Topics/Keywords: social survey research, ecological research, conservation, spatial analysis, ecological field methods
Abstract of Award
CUNY Baruch College
Engagement in the Basic and Applied Science of Psychology: Research Experience for Undergraduates at Baruch College
Department of Psychology/Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
New York, New York
Primary: Mindy Engle-Friedman
(646) 312-3815
Research Topics/Keywords: Social Psychology,Developmental Psychology, Clinical/Sleep Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Measurement
Abstract of Award
Brooklyn, New York
Primary: Laura A. Rabin
Research Topics/Keywords: Clinical, Cognitive, and Behavioral Neuroscience
Abstract of Award
Indiana University
REU Site in Animal Behavior
Department of Biology
Bloomington, Indiana
Primary: Laura M. Hurley,
Secondary: CISAB
(812) 855-9663
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, animal behavior, psychology, anthropology, genetics, neuroscience
Comments: Point of contact: CISAB (812) 855-9663 cisab@indiana.edu
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, Ethics and Values Studies
New York City, New York
Primary: Emily Balcetis
Research Topics/Keywords: psychology, motivation, behavioral statistics
Abstract of Award
Hamden, Connecticut
Primary: Julia Giblin
Research Topics/Keywords: Anthropology, Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information Science, Geophysics, Chemistry
Abstract of Award
Syracuse University
Undergraduate Trauma Research Training Program
David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics
Syracuse, New York
Primary: Brooks B. Gump
(315) 443-2208
Research Topics/Keywords: trauma research
Abstract of Award
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Primary: Nora Newcombe
(215) 204-6944
Research Topics/Keywords: science of learning, spatial learning, STEM learning, spatial cognition
Abstract of Award
Birmingham & Fiji, Alabama
Primary: Sharyn Jones
Research Topics/Keywords: Anthropology, Archaeology, Historical Ecology
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: International Science and Engineering
Tucson, Arizona
Primary: Chuck Adams
Secondary: Rich Lange
Research Topics/Keywords: anthropology
Abstract of Award
Reno, Nevada
Primary: Michael Collopy
Research Topics/Keywords: climate change, water resources, water quality, socioeconomic research, environmental research, watersheds
Abstract of Award
University of Northern Iowa
Interdisciplinary Research Experience in Hyperspectral Imaging (IDREHSI)
GeoInformatics Training, Research, Education, and Extension Center
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Primary: Dr. Bingqing Liang
(319) 273-3609
Research Topics/Keywords: Hyperspectral Imaging and Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Biology, Forestry, Physics,Chemistry, Computer Science, Geographic Information Science (GISc).
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD), Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences
Notre Dame, Indiana
Primary: Prof. Umesh Garg
Research Topics/Keywords: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Biophysics, Cosmology, Condensed Matter Physics, High-Energy Physics, Network Science, Nuclear Physics and Physics education.
Comments: Ethics Component and large RET component. Co-funded with the Division of Social and Economic Sciences.
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences
Columbia, South Carolina
Primary: Douglas Wedell
Research Topics/Keywords: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive and Developmental Neuroscience, Cognitive Science
Abstract of Award
Monteverde, Costa Rica, Florida
Primary: Nancy Romero-Daza
Research Topics/Keywords: Medical Anthropology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Public Health
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD), International Science and Engineering
Austin, Texas
Primary: David Kirk
Research Topics/Keywords: Race,Ethnicity,Crime,Punishment
Abstract of Award
Menomonie, Wisconsin
Primary: Nels Paulson
Research Topics/Keywords: Water, Phosphorus, Sustainability, Sociology, Economics, Microbiology, Geology, Anthropology, Mathematics, Communications
Abstract of Award
19 items found, displaying all items.

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