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National Science Foundation

REU Sites

REU Sites: Computer and Information Science and Engineering

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Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Auburn University
Research Experience for Undergraduate on Smart UAVs
Center for Smart UAVs
Auburn, Alabama
Primary: Saad Biaz
(334) 844-6307
Secondary: Richard O. Chapman
(334) 844-6314
Research Topics/Keywords: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Autonomous Flight
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
Boise State University
REU Site: Software Security
Computer Science
Boise, Idaho
Primary: Dianxiang Xu
(208) 426-5734
Secondary: Jyh-Haw Yeh
(208) 426-3034
Research Topics/Keywords: Secure software development,detection/prevention of software vulnerability,assurance of access control,data privacy
Abstract of Award
Carnegie Mellon University
Interdisciplinary Software Engineering
Institute for Software Research, School of Computer Science
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Primary: Joshua Sunshine
(412) 268-1097
Secondary: Victoria Poprocky
(412) 268-3063
Research Topics/Keywords: Software API usability, green computing, programming language design, security and privacy, automated program analysis and repair, self-adaptive systems, and software development tools
Abstract of Award
Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics and Intelligent Systems Scholars
Robotics Institute
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Primary: Rachel Burcin
(412) 268-4272
Research Topics/Keywords: Artificial intelligence, aerial robotics, autonomous navigation, field robotics, human-robot interaction, machine learning, manipulation, medical robotics, mobile robots, motion planning, multi-agent
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
CLEMSON, South Carolina
Primary: Vetria L. Byrd
(864) 656-5960
Secondary: Jill Gemmill
(864) 656-3343
Research Topics/Keywords: Visualization, data visualization, collaborative data visualization, visualization applications
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Clemson University
REU Site: Data-Intensive Computing
School of Computing
Clemson, South Carolina
Primary: Brian Dean
(864) 656-5866
Research Topics/Keywords: high-performance computing, big data, parallel and distributed computing, data management and analytics
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Department of Defense (DoD)
College of Staten Island (City University of New York)
REU Site: In Computational Methods in High Performance Computing with Applications to Computer Science
Computer Science
Staten Island, New York
Primary: Louis Petingi
(718) 982-2844
Secondary: Xiaowen Zhang
(718) 982-3262
Research Topics/Keywords: Network reliability,Cryptography, and network security,Wireless ad-hoc, and sensor networks, Large-scale and complex system modeling and simulation, Image processing.
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Department of Defense (DoD)
Chicago, Illinois
Primary: Daniela Raicu
(312) 362-5512
Secondary: Jacob Furst
(312) 362-5158
Research Topics/Keywords: Medical informatics, image processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, knowledge discovery
Abstract of Award
East Carolina University
Software Testing - Foundations, Tools, and Applications
Department of Computer Science
Greenville, North Carolina
Primary: Junhua Ding
(252) 737-1908
Secondary: Nasseh Tabrizi
(252) 328-9691
Research Topics/Keywords: Evaluation of test coverage criteria, aspect-oriented software testing, metamorphic testing for non-testing systems, model-based software testing, secuirty testing of social networks
Abstract of Award
Florida Institute of Technology
REU Site: Advances of Machine Learning in Theory & Applications (AMALTHEA)
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Melbourne, Florida
Primary: Georgios C Anagnostopoulos
(321) 674-7125
Secondary: Adrian Peter
(321) 674-8471
Research Topics/Keywords: machine learning
Abstract of Award
Florida International University
REU SITE: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Advanced Secured Sensor Enabling Technologies
School of Computing and Information Sciences
Miami, Florida
Primary: Niki Pissinou
(305) 348-3716
Secondary: Kia Makki
(305) 348-3738
Research Topics/Keywords: Optimization methods and software for robust, secure, context aware, reconfigurable and adaptable computing systems for emerging multidisciplinary applications
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
Florida International University
REU Site: Security of Smart Things: From Small Devices to Large Infrastructures
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Miami, Florida
Primary: Kemal Akkaya
(305) 348-3017
Secondary: A. Selcuk Uluagac
(305) 348-3710
Research Topics/Keywords: Internet-of-things, cyber-physical systems, security of smart things, security of critical infrastructures, user privacy, cybersecurity, hardware security
Abstract of Award
Harvey Mudd College
REU Site in Computer Systems
Computer Science
Claremont, California
Primary: Zachary Dodds
(909) 607-1813
Secondary: Ben Wiedermann
(909) 607-5330
Research Topics/Keywords: intelligent music software, better garbage collection, evolution of verified software, 3d representations for robots
Abstract of Award
Illinois Institute of Technology & University of Chicago
BigDataX: From Theory to Practice in Big Data Computing at Extreme Scales
Computer Science & Computation Institute
Chicago, Illinois
Primary: Ioan Raicu
(847) 722-0876
Secondary: Gruia Calinescu
(312) 567-5273
Research Topics/Keywords: Systems and Theory in distributed systems (cluster/grid/cloud/supercomputing), HPC/MTC/HTC, many-core computing, big data, storage systems, parallel programming languages, run-time systems, scheduling
Abstract of Award
Bloomington, Indiana
Primary: Katie Siek
(812) 856-0598
Secondary: Lamara Warren
(812) 856-0703
Research Topics/Keywords: Health informatics, mobile and wearable human computer interaction, machine learning on sparse data sets, mobile and wearable computing, privacy of personal health data sets, health technology policy
Abstract of Award
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
REU Site: Enhancing Undergraduate Research Experiences in Mobile Cloud Security
Department of Computer Information and Graphics Technology
Indianapolis, Indiana
Primary: Feng Li
(317) 278-8391
Secondary: Eugenia Fernandez
(317) 274-6794
Research Topics/Keywords: Cyber security, mobile computing, wireless communication, mobile cloud
Abstract of Award
Iowa State University
Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education - Emerging Interface Technologies (SPIRE-EIT)
Human Computer Interaction / Virtual Reality Applications Center
Ames, Iowa
Primary: Stephen B. Gilbert
(515) 294-6782
Secondary: Eliot Winer
(515) 989-1750
Research Topics/Keywords: human computer interaction, interface design, interaction design, human centered computing, virtual reality, haptics, usability, augmented reality, multitouch, social computing, robotics, information
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Lehigh University
The Lehigh Smart Spaces Project
Computer Science and Engineering
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Primary: John R. Spletzer
(610) 758-5783
Secondary: Mooi Choo Chuah
(610) 758-4061
Research Topics/Keywords: 3-D augmented reality, ambient intelligence, computer vision, embedded devices, mobile computing, networking and security, robotics, user interface design
Abstract of Award
Louisiana State University
Interdisciplinary Research Experience in Computational Sciences
Center for Computation and Technology
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Primary: Juana Moreno
(225) 578-7586
Secondary: Jesse Allison
(225) 578-5572
Research Topics/Keywords: Cyberinfrastructure, High Performance Computing, Computational Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Civil Engineering, Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Marquette University
Computation Across the Disciplines
Math, Stats and Computer Science
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Primary: Dennis Brylow
(414) 288-6342
Secondary: Kim Factor
(414) 288-7941
Research Topics/Keywords: Computational sciences, applied mathematical modeling, embedded and ubiquitous systems, STEM education
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
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