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National Science Foundation

REU Sites

REU Sites: Biological Sciences

APPLICATIONS: Students must contact the individual site or program to apply. NSF does not have application materials and does not select student participants.

ELIGIBILITY: Individual sites may have additional eligibility requirements (e.g., number of undergraduate years completed). Undergraduate student participants supported with NSF funds must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions. High school graduates who have not yet enrolled, and students who have already received their bachelor's degrees, are not eligible.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Click on the Title of the Site in the "Site Information" column to go to the homepage (if available) for that Site. Sites are ordered alphabetically by host institution. All Sites provide stipends, housing and meals, in addition to travel to and from the Site. This listing will change as new REU Site awards are made. Sites are added or deleted as decisions are made on awards, and the list is updated periodically. Clicking on a highlighted site title should direct you to the web page for more information on that program. A link is also provided to allow you to view the geographic distribution of the programs (this link will take you to the Google Maps website). http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=201385854811463249384.0004a7f203de1eb115e18&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=38.788345,-96.811523&spn=26.927165,74.311523&z=5

REU Alumni: Please note the following opportunities: (1) Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF: http://www.nsfgrfp.org); (2) Graduate student summer experience abroad: East Asia Pacific Summer Institute Program (EAPSI: http://nsfsi.org/); and (3) Travel funds to present your REU project (http://www.bioreu.org).

Please report errors in the list below by writing to reu.bio@nsf.gov.

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Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Bismarck, North Dakota
Primary: Jeremy Guinn
701-255-3285 x1458
Research Topics/Keywords: Ecology, Northern Plains, Reservations, Tribal Colleges, Grasslands
Abstract of Award
Univeristy of Idaho
REU Site: Molecular and Organismal Evolution
Bioloiglcal Sciences
Moscow, Idaho
Primary: David Pfeiffer
Secondary: Douglas Cole
Research Topics/Keywords: Biology, Evolution
Abstract of Award
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Primary: Michelle Evans-White
Secondary: Marty Matlock
Research Topics/Keywords: aquatic, forests, lakes, streams, agricultural ecosystems, ecology, ecosystem function, ecosystem processes, community ecology
Comments: Co-PI: J. Thad Scott, jts004@uark.edu, 479-575-6337
Abstract of Award
University of California at Santa Cruz
REU Site: Biological impacts of climate change: testing hypotheses with collections and long-term data
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Santa Cruz,
Primary: Barry Sinervo
Secondary: Laurel Fox
Research Topics/Keywords: climate change, community ecology, curation, modeling, GIS, behavior, ecophysiology
Comments: Coordinator: Barry Sinervo
Abstract of Award
University of California Berkeley
REU site: Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley, from Molecules to Ecosystems
Host department: Integrative Biology / 13 participating departments
Berkeley, California
Primary: Hayes, Tyrone
Secondary: Weisblat, David
(510) 642-8309
Research Topics/Keywords: Integrative Biology Evolution, Development
Comments: contact: reuapplic@lists.berkeley.edu
Abstract of Award
University of California Riverside
REU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Plant and Plant Cell Biology
Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Riverside, California
Primary: Thomas Eulgem
Secondary: Howard S Judelson
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, plants, plant pathogens, cell biology, molecular biology, genomics, botany, microbiology
Abstract of Award
University of California San Francisco, Medical Center
REU Site in Molecular Biosciences
All Departments
San Francisco, California
Primary: Carol Gross
Secondary: Hana El Samad
Research Topics/Keywords: Genetics/Genomics, Biochemistry, cell biology, systems/synthetic biology; bioengineering
Comments: julia.clark@ucsf.edu
Abstract of Award
Edmond, Oklahoma
Primary: John Barthell
(405) 974-3371
Secondary: Charles Abramson
(405) 744-7492
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, bees, behavior, integrative, international, pollination, ecology, Turkey, Greece
Comments: Please contact Ms. Lisa Kern at lkern@uco.edu or (405) 974-5150 for questions about the program; she will contact the appropriate Senior Personnel member for information to assist you.
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: International Science and Engineering
University of Chicago
REU Site in Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology at The University of Chicago
Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
Chicago, Illinois
Primary: Aaron Turkewitz
(773) 702-4374
Secondary: Lucia B Rothman-Denes
(773) 702-1083
Research Topics/Keywords: mechanisms underlying molecular, cellular and developmental biology
Comments: Catherine Will (cwill@bsd.uchicago.edu)
Abstract of Award
University of Cincinnati
New REU Site: Sensory Ecology: An Integrative Approach
Biological Sciences
Cincinnati, Ohio
Primary: George Uetz
(513) 556-9752
Secondary: uetzgw@ucmail.uc.edu
Research Topics/Keywords: Behavior, population biology, field research, neurobiology, ethology, genetics
Comments: Charmaine Mitchell, program coordinator, 513-556-9750
Abstract of Award
University of Colorado Boulder
REU Site: Achieving heightened goals- Undergraduates Research in Ecology at the Mountain Research Station
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, Mountain Research Station
Boulder, Colorado
Primary: William Bowman
Secondary: Michael Breed
Research Topics/Keywords: Biology, ecology, evolution, behavior
Abstract of Award
University of Connecticut
REU Site: Research Experiences in Physiology and Neurobiology at UCONN
Physiology and Neurobiology
Storrs, Connecticut
Primary: Xinnian Chen
(860) 486-6169
Secondary: Larry Renfro
(860) 486-4119
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences,physiology,developmental neurobiology,renal physiology,respiratory physiology,synaptic plasticity,neural circuits,molecular and cell biology,bioinformatics, omputational biology
Abstract of Award
University of Florida
REU Site: Marine Biodiversity: lessons from molecules, development and behavior
Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience
Saint Augustine, Florida
Primary: Elaine Seaver
(904) 461-4030
Secondary: Joseph Ryan
(904) 461-4046
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, evolution, marine biology, neurobiology, embryology, genomics, coastal ecology, biomechanics, locomotion, molecular biology, biogeochemistry
Comments: Coordinator: Brenda Cannaliato (brenda@whitney.ufl.edu)
Abstract of Award
University of Georgia
REU Site: Research in Prokaryotic Biology
Athens, Georgia
Primary: Vincent Starai
Secondary: Diana Downs
Research Topics/Keywords: microbiology, bacteriology, microbial ecology, bacterial symbiosis, microbial physiology
Abstract of Award
University of Georgia
REU Site: Population Biology of Infectious Diseases
Odum School of Ecology (and 11 others)
Athens, Georgia
Primary: John Drake
Secondary: Michael Strand
Research Topics/Keywords: Infections disease, ecology of infectious disease, epidemics, immunology, host-parasite coevolution, genetics of infectious disease, epidemiology, immunology, within-host dynamics, modeling, data mini
Abstract of Award
University of Georgia
REU Site: Undergraduate Biology Education Research Program
Division of Biological Sciences and Mathematics and Science Education Department
Athens, Georgia
Primary: Julie Stanton
(706) 542-2978
Research Topics/Keywords: Biology Education Research
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Biological Sciences
Athens, Georgia
Primary: Jonathan Arnold
Secondary: David Logan
(404) 906-6669
Research Topics/Keywords: gnomics, computational biology, epigenetics, bioinformatics, systems biology
Abstract of Award
University of Georgia
REU Site: Radioecology
Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Aiken, South Carolina
Primary: J Vaun McArthur
(803) 725-5317
Secondary: Melissa Pilgrim
(864) 503-5781
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, radioecology, ecotoxicology, ecology, biogeochemistry
Comments: Alternate contact: Margaret Wead, wead@srel.uga.edu; 803-725-5733
Abstract of Award
University of Hawaii
REU Site: Undergraduate Research Experiences in DNA-based discoveries in Hawaii's Biodiversity
Microbiology, Biology
Honolulu, Hawaii
Primary: Stuart Donachie
(808) 956-5336
Secondary: Stephanie Kraft-Terry
(808) 956-0735
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, microbiology, genomics, bioinformatics
Abstract of Award
Hilo, Hawaii
Primary: Rebecca Ostertag
Secondary: Sharon Ziegler
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, ecology, environmental science, conservation, tropical
Comments: Please contact: Sharon Ziegler-Chong 808-933-0759; ziegler@hawaii.edu
Abstract of Award
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