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National Science Foundation
Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management (BFA)
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Cash Management Branch

Branch Chief : Richard Noll

Grantee Cash Management Section

Section Head: Mike Howe

Grant Accountant Contact Information and State Assignments

Mike Howe - 703-292-8285 USP & Foreign Grantees

Dorothy Battle - 703-292-4440 AL, AR, CO, DE, ID, IN, KY, MA, MS, PA, RI, SC, UT, WV and all Fellowship Payments

Ilene Caruso - 703-292-8334 AK, CA, CT, HI, IA, MO, ND, NM, NV, NY, SD, WA, WY and All SBIR

Chris Berner  - 703-292-4335 AZ, DC, GA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, OK, TX, VT

Naomi Jackson - 703-292-8775 FL, IL, KS, LA, ME, MT, NE, NH, OH, OR, TN, VA, WI


  • Manages the NSF grant payment processes

  • Administers the Research.gov financial services

  • Reconciles grantee payment and expenditure reporting processes to the NSF Award System and NSF Financial Accounting System, and

  • Handles all post-award financial activity for all assigned organizational grant accounts 

NSF Grant Payment Links:

Other Federal Grant Payment Systems:
Treasury Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP)
HHS Payment Management System
Education G5

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I request funds on my award?
    Answer: The majority of awardees must submit their payment requests through the NSF Awards Cash Management $ervice (ACM$).

  • Question: What is the Award Cash Management Service (ACM$)?
    Answer: ACM$ is NSF's system for awardees to submit cash request and adjustments on a grant-by-grant basis. For further information, go to the Award Cash Management $ervice information page on Research.gov.  Along with other ACM$ information, that page contains the ACM$ Fact Sheet, Getting Started Guide, Permissions Guide and the ACM$ XML file upload guide.  

  • Question:  How do I gain access to ACM$?
    Answer: In order to gain access to ACM$ functionality of Research.gov, a user must first be assigned new permissions within FastLane. Please review the AMC$ permission guide for appopriate roles.

  • Question: How do I add/update banking data?
    Answer: In order to add/update banking data, log into Research.gov and click on Financial Functions (NSF FastLane Services), then ACM$ Instructions for New NSF Awardees?

  • Question: How do I return funds to NSF?
    Answer: Grantees can send funds to NSF electronically through Pay.gov or by mailing a check to:
      National Science Foundation
      ATTN: NSF Cashier
      4201 Wilson Blvd.
      Arlington, VA 22230

  • Question: Who can reset my password?
    Answer: Contact your Authorized Organizational Representative (within your organization) to have your password reset.

  • Question: How can grantees obtain a grant's CFDA Number?
    Answer: CFDA numbers are included at the end of all NSF Award letters. Visit http://www.nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/cfda.jsp for a catalog of CFDA numbers.

  • Question: How can grantees get copies of all NSF Award letters?
    Answer: Go to FastLane -> Research Administration -> Award Documents. You can then search by award number, date, or PI Name.

  • Question: How can grantees get copies of all OMB Circulars?
    Answer: Access OMB circulars via the website at: OMB Circulars.

  • Question: Where do I get information concerning specific requirements for payment and reporting?
    Answer: See the NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide.

Commercial Cash Management
Section Head: Kathleen Carpenter

Please contact the correct person associated with the question or comment you may have regarding Accounts Payable:

Kathleen Carpenter - (703) 292-4442
Section Head

Christine Bowles - (703) 292-4571
Contract Close-Outs, Flat Rate, Panel Close-Outs, 1099's, SF1164, IPA Payments, Payments Re-issues

Barbara Melvin - (703) 292-7901
Travel Card Applications, 90 Day Travel Close Out

Nikki Cyrus - (703) 292-5061
AP Log, Invoices, Training Payments

Tia Davidson - (703) 292-4464
Travel Expense Reports, Travel Close-Outs


  • Records invoices for purchase orders, contracts, and training
  • Provides audit approval related to travel from both FedTraveler and Guest reimbursements
  • Processes obligation close-outs for FedTraveler and Guest
  • Processes payments for local travel and other related expenses via SF-1164
  • Processes IPA payments for per diem, supplemental pay, lost consulting and fringe benefits
  • Manages the travel card program
  • Provides 1099 assistance to individuals
  • Records monthly purchase card transactions
  • Records airline ticket transportation charges for both FedTraveler and Guest Obligations 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I know if my expense report has been paid? How do I know if a Purchase Order has been paid?
    Answer: Check the Financial Accounting System by following these instructions:
    • Select "Financial Systems" & enter LAN ID & Password. Click "OK"
    • From the Explorer Window, double-click on the folder called "Inquiries"
    • Double-click on the icon called "Obligations"
    • Enter the Obligation Number (i.e. Travel Authorization Number or Purchase Order Number) and press "Enter"
    • If there are Amendments to the Obligation, you will see the Arrow Buttons are review screens (Amendments) one at a time, OR, go to "Last" to see the ending balance of the Obligation.

  • Question: What kinds of meetings fall under the flat rate reimbursement of $280 (Travel Day) and $480 (Meeting Day)?
    Answer: Those individuals serving on Advisory committees, panelist reviewing proposals, and COVs (Committee of Visitors). For further information related to reimbursement and appropriate funding, see Financial Management Policy Manual No. 17 (Chapter 1, paragraph 170).

  • For Travel Policies and Procedures, see the NSF Travel Web Page at http://www.inside.nsf.gov/travel/ (This link will only work if you are dialed into NSF VIA the RSL Connection or if you are within the NSF network).

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