Survey of Microbusiness Innovation Science and Technology (Forthcoming)

The Microbusiness Innovation Science and Technology Survey will collect research and development and other innovation-related data from a sample of independent U.S. microbusinesses (that is, those with fewer than five employees). A pretest study was completed fall 2012, the pilot survey will begin fall 2013, and the full-scale survey will begin in summer 2015.

Definitions of Research and Development
This special publication provides definitions of research and development (R&D) from several official U.S. and international organizations. The document is designed as a reference for researchers and other users of data on R&D expenditures. In addition to definitions from National Science Foundation (NSF) surveys on R&D expenditures, the document includes definitions from regulatory, Federal procurement, and accounting sources. International sources include manuals from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the System of National Accounts.
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Audrey Kindlon
Project Officer
Research and Development Statistics Program
National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics
(703) 292-2332

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