FFRDC Research and Development Survey

The FFRDC Research and Development Survey is the primary source of information on separately budgeted R&D expenditures at federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) in the United States. Conducted annually for university-administered FFRDCs since FY 1953 and all FFRDCs since FY 2001, the survey collects information on R&D expenditures by source of funds and types of research and expenses. The survey is an annual census of the full population of eligible FFRDCs. See http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/ffrdclist/ for the Master List of FFRDCs maintained by the National Science Foundation.

Data Tables
Detailed Statistical Tables
Master Government List of Federally Funded R&D Centers
This series presents the master government list of federally funded research and development centers. The most recent Master Government List of FFRDCs can be found at http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/ffrdclist/.
Postdoctorates at Federally Funded R&D Centers
This series provides data on the demographic characteristics, research fields, and sources of support of postdoctoral researchers (postdocs) employed at federally funded R&D centers (FFRDCs).
Science and Engineering Indicators
This biennial report to Congress provides a broad base of quantitative information about U.S. science, engineering, and technology.
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Ronda Britt
Project Officer
Research and Development Statistics Program
National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics
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